November 28, 1998


Because our translators have a lot of work to do this week, I will keep this new introduction letter short. Thanks to the efforts of the provincial of our South Italian Province, Fr. Giacomo Casolino, we now have an Italian edition added to our web site. It will fill out our modern languages we would like to use, and makes the web site accessible to all most all members of our scj and dehonian families.

I would also be remiss if I did not point out today Saturday, November 28, 1998, marks the first anniversary of our web site at It was on the first Sunday of Advent 1997 that we went on line. Many thanks to all those who have contributed, especially our translators and web master. We will continue to look for ways to improve the quality of the site, as well as, make it as useful to the entire dehonian family and our friends as we possibly can. Please do contact us with your ideas and suggestions, and especially your news stories.

Tom Cassidy, scj director

Credit to the following for their assistance in making our homepage possible:
French language: Maurice Légaré (CAG) Montréal
English Proofing: Steve Pujdak (US) Raymondville, TX
Italian language: Francesco Mazzotta (IM), S. Antonio Abate, Ezio Alessandroni (IM) and Antonio Cuomo (IM) Rome and Paolo Gazzotti (IS) Milan
Portuguese language: Odilio Leviski (BM), Carlos Alberto da Costa Silva (CU), Rafael Conçaves da Costa (LU) Rome
Spanish language: Javier Luengo (HI) Rome
Webmaster: Zdzislaw Huber (FIN)