Following the Founder
according to the signs of the times
and in communion with the life of the Church,
we want to contribute to establishing
"the reign of justice and Christian charity
in the world" (cf. Souvenirs XI). [ORL #32]

Brazil: Land, Violence and no Redress

Posted April 25, 1998
French, English and Italian
Report out of Zaire
Posted April 25, 1998
French, English and Italian

Curso de Doctrina Social de la Iglesia

Posted March 21, 1998
written by p. Festa, scj (AU)

More than 300 Religious Leaders Call for End to Violence in Chiapas

Posted April 11, 1998
Published by SIPAZ

Banning Child Sacrifice: A Difficult Choice?

Posted March 21, 1998
Excerpts from an article by Kathy Kelly by Carlos Alberto da Costa Silva
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