May 1, 1999

What's New

The new district of India celebrates its creation today with the profession of its first two novices, and the reception of three men into the novitiate. Tom Garvey (IND) has written a history of our scj presence in India, INDIA: A NEW BEGINNING. This document will also be linked to the Who are the SCJs? and can be accessed from there in the future.

For the last seven years South Italian Province has been present in Albania. Given the current grave refuge crisis with the aid of Stefan Tertünte (GE) a short report on the history of the scj presence and their current involvement in the Kosovar refugee crisis has been prepared. It appears here as well as on the German Province web site ( Please link to: Dehonians in Albania.

A letter from Fr. General to the congregation regarading the new status for India and The Philippines has been posted to the Letters and Documents page (CF On India and The Philippines).

A letter to participants to the Lavras Vocation Conference (August 1-20, 1999) has been posted to the Vocation Page (CF. Lavras Letter 26.04.99).

Javier Prate, collaborator on several SCJ publications in Spain, has created more then a dozen Dehon cartoons. The images are displayed in the church of Saint Martin, Saint Quentin (GA). They are aimed at young people, but can be appreciated by all generations. They depict different scenes in Fr. Dehon's life and his spirituality. We will be presenting one image a week. The first is called (in French): Allez au peuple! Allez aux vivants! Allez aux hommes!

Fr. Giampietro Brunet (IS) wrote and asked us to post the following email addresses. They are shown here and will be added to our email page in the link section. All those shown work on the publication Settimana. Show here is their name, email address and function.

What's Happening

Today (May 1st) is the 57th birthday of our Superior General, p. Virginio Domingo Bressanelli, scj. Happy Birthday - Buon Compleanno - Bon Anniversaire - alles Gute zum Geburtstag - Feliz Cumpleaños - Feliz Aniversário -AUGURI!

The General Superior with the consent of his council has appointed the following two provincial administrations:

Combined France and Luxembourg-Wallon to take office on May 1, 1999

Provincial: Jerzy Deptula
Vice-Provincial: Paul Birsens

Council in order of religious profession:

1. Léon Robert
2. Pierre Rassarie
3. Edouard Ahnen
4. Jean-Jacques Flammang

Cameroon to take office on June 14, 1999

Provincial: André Conrath (second mandate)

Council in the following order:

1. Wilhelmus Halters
2. Antonio Panteghini
3. Bernard Groux
4. Jean-Marie Signié

In establishing the districts of India (IND) and the Philippines (PHI) the general with the consent of his council appointed:

Aloísio Back as administrator for the Philippines: "The installation of the first Superior of the District and his Council will take place on 31 May 2000. Prior to that date the District will be under the responsibility of the 'ad interim' Administrator."

Martin van Ooy as administrator for India: "The installation of the first Superior of the District and his Council will take place on 1 May 2000. Prior to that date the District will be under the responsibility of the 'ad interim' Administrator."


On May 8, 1999 in the parish of Santa Maria del Suffragio Daniele Gaiola (IS) and Francesco Morrone (IM) will make their final profession of vows. The image below is taken from the cover of their final vow announcement. Both are students at the SCJ Studentato Per Le Missioni in Bologna.

To the following who will be celebrating profession and ordination anniversaries during the month of May

Religious profession

65 years 11/05/34 P Notermans Peter Canisius AM, P Schulte Theodor Augustin GE, P Schemann Wilhelm Johann GE


25 years 04/05/74 P Valerius Gerhard Peter GE

Please Remember

+Petrus Middeldorp (NE)

Born 17 November 1920
First Profession:08 September 1942
Ordination: 20 July 1947
Died: 22 April 1999
At Asten, NL

"The Lord, pardons our mistakes.
He gives abundant blessings to me and to His people."
(This text was used on the anniversary card
printed in Palembang, Indonesia, commemorating
his fortieth anniversary of priesthood.)

On April 22, 1999, at our house for senior religious, Klooster Heilig Hart at Asten, our scj confrere Father Peter Cornelius Maria Middeldorp, scj, died.

He was born at Haarlem on November 17, 1920. He made his first religious profession at Asten on September 8, 1942, and was ordained at Nimega on July 20, 1947.

On August 1, 1949 he left Holland to become a missionary in Indonesia. He worked for many years as pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Palembang on the island of Sumatra.

For reasons of health it was necessary for him to return to Holland and take up residence in our house for senior religious at Asten. On June 30, 1995 he was enrolled once again as a member of the Dutch Province.

We will say farewell to Fr. Middledorp next Wednesday, April 27, 1999. The Mass will take place at 2:30 PM in the community chapel Klooster Heilig Hart at Asten. After the Liturgy his body will be laid to rest in the cemetery located near our community house.

translation proved by Piet Adam (NE)


Dehon Photo of the Week

Leo John Dehon as a young priest photo #2.