April 3, 1999

What's New

Sheed & Ward, now owned by Priests of the Sacred Heart published its first catalogue of books under its new owners. Note they have a web site (CF. It will be posted to the Links page.

With this spring catalog, we are delighted to introduce you to the 'new' Sheed & Ward.

Sheed & Ward is one of the oldest and most respected Catholic publishing houses in America. founded by Frank Sheed and Maisie Ward -- both authors, apologists, activists, and preachers in their own right -- the company began in London in 1926 and opened its American division in New York city in 1933. From the beginning Sheed & Ward has been built on the principle that good books on Catholic Christian themes by trustworthy authors can make a positive difference in people's lives.

Sixty-five years later, at this time of deep interest in religion and spirituality, we remain keenly interested in continuing to contribute to the dialogue between faith, the individual, and culture. Under the new ownership of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, who also own and operate the international book distribution company of Theological Book Service, Sheed & Ward is poised and ready for the future....

The Vocation Page has been updated with a new vocation prayer for April, as well as photos of the Lavras retreat house where this summer's August vocation conference will be held.

The February issue of SCJ News, published by the US Province, features an extensive interview with Herman Falke (CA). With the permission of Mary Gorski, director of the office of communications, the article is reprinted in this weeks news page. You may link to it here (CF Herman Falke, scj and Canadian Artist),

The office of general secretary has published a list of priesthood ordinations for 1998. It will be posted to the Letters and Documents page and can be accessed here (CF Priest Ordinations).

What's Happening

The General Council will begin its spring meetings shortly after Easter. These meetings will run until mid-May culminating with the meeting of SCJ formation personnel set to start on May 10, 1999.

Anniversary Congratulations

During the month of April the following will celebrate anniversaries marking their first profession of vows or ordination. We offer our congratulations on behalf of the entire congregation!

Religious Profession:

50 years: 17/04/49 P Salgado António Silvio BM, P Moormann Heinrich Maria and P Kalmer Johannes Maria GE.


50 years: 02/04/49 P Góra Jan Alojzy, P Kunda Czeslaw Józef, Janczak Adolf Franciszek, P Kubina Wiktor, Jan Bosco and P Wietecha Tadeusz Ignacy PO and P Brenot René Henri-Marie CM.

25 years: 21/04/74 P de Lange Adrianus C.M. F. NE

Please Remember

+Br. Giacomo Silvestro Martinelli (IS)

born: 12 August 1904
first profession: 15 August 1927
died: 24 March 1999 at Bolognano, Italy

Born in Cadelsasso, in Northern Italy, Br. Silvestro made his first professed at Albisola in 1927. He came to the International College in Rome in 1953 and served there until 1993 when he retired to Bolognano until his death. Br. Silvestro was loved by all the students who studied in Rome during this period for his joyful spirit and for his faithful service on behalf of all.