May 8, 1999

What's New

This week we have three texts for your reading. One in Italian (document 4), "Le radice Bibliche del Giubileo. l'anno della remissione", di D. Pritta (Dossier Azione Cattolica Italiana); the second, in Spanish (document 3) is a speech given by Fr. L. van Marrewijk scj - CH: "Economia y Reino de Dios" during an Assembly of the Congregation in Chile; the third (Document 2 in English) is the first part of "Jubilee", taken from The Anchor Bible Dictionary. (CF General Conference Documents)

Concerning the Bibliography, recall that the new listings have a mark (»»»»»), the others are repeated from past weeks

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provided by Carlos Alberto da Costa Silva (CU)
Javier Prate, collaborator on several SCJ publications in Spain, has created more then a dozen Dehon cartoons. The images are displayed in the church of Saint Martin, Saint Quentin (GA). They are aimed at young people, but can be appreciated by all generations. They depict different scenes in Fr. Dehon's life and his spirituality. We are presenting the second image in the series this week. In French it is called: "Comme le père Dehon, revelons les défis de notre temps"

Fr. Giampietro Brunet (IS) passed on a recent article from their publication Settimana concerning the life of the recently beatified Dom Calabria. The article in its original Italian can be found at Don Calabria: un nuovo santonche scriveva su "Settimana del clero." Here is a brief summary of the article in English:

On 18 April 1999 John Paul II canonized Fr. Giovanni Calabria, the founder of the Poor Servants of Divine Providence. He was very concerned about the formation of the clergy. He wrote, among other things, many articles for Settimana del Clero, an outstanding magazine of the Italian Church issued by the SCJs of the North Italian Province through Edizioni Dehoniana Bologna.
After some research by Mary Gorski we have been informed that the web site for Sacred Heart School of Theology (Hales Corners) has closed, at least for now. The link has been removed from our links page.

Irene McGregor, of West Lorne, Ontario, a cousin of +James (Ko) De Jonge (CA), and who for a number of years looked after him when illness led to his confinement in a wheelchair, wrote a short note concerning her own health difficulties, as well as her appreciation for (Cf. Irene McGregor).

What's Happening

A new sign along Leo XIII street helps strangers and guests find their way to Villa Aurelia and the Curia. The sign is illuminated during evening hours. It is located just south of the gate which opens on to Leo XIII (Via Olympica).

The General Superior with the consent of his council appointed the following administration for the Polish Province (PO) to take effective on May 27, 1999:

Provincial: Zbigniew Bogacz (1st mandate)

Provincial Council

  1. Tadeusz Michalek
  2. Stanislaw Stanczyk
  3. Jan Strzalka
  4. Jozef Wrocenski
Congratulations also to the following members of the Polish Province who will be ordained to the diaconate on May 13, 1999 in the seminary chapel at Stadniki by Bishop Jan Szkodon:
Janusz Bieszczard,
Józef Cempura,
Marek Gawle,
Krzysztof Napora,
Pawel Nowakowski
Marek Piwowarczyk.
US: Spitfire Grill Comes to Life with dedication of Sacred Heart School!

The Sacred Heart School was dedicated and blessed on Friday, April 23rd. There were approximately 700 people in attendance at the celebration including the Boards of Directors of Sacred Heart League and Sacred Heart Southern Missions, the entire staff of Sacred Heart League, many local government and civic leaders and community members, and a host of friends from New York, California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Arizona, and Missouri.

The new 60,000 square foot school is built on 16.4 acres of rolling, forested land in Southaven, Mississippi --- the center of DeSoto County. The school features a chapel (dedicated in honor of the Priests of the Sacred Heart), 16 state-of-the-art classrooms, a fine arts room, computer and science labs, an auditorium seating 450, a full-size gym, a library, and a quiet landscaped courtyard for reading and study. The school serves children from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. Since approximately half of the funds to build the school was provided by the profits from the sale of "The Spitfire Grill," the cafeteria was christened "The Spitfire Grill" and is complete with a large neon sign of that name as well as an attractive movie memento display case. The other half of the school's cost came from the donations made by Sacred Heart League & Southern Missions member-donors throughout the years.

Provided by Mark Ratay 
Media Communications Manager 
Sacred Heart League, Inc.

News from North Brazil (BS)

BS: Social Commitment in Education

The North Brazil Province continued a 13 year old tradition of dialogue with people, scjs and lay, who work in the schools of the province. This time they reflected on Education and Citizenship, a reflection guided by Alcides Tedesco a member of the National Association of Catholic Schools. A history of past achievements was prepared by Fr. Luis Carlos Sousa, scj. Special focus was given to the human and religious education provided by the four schools of the Province.

At the end of the meeting the Provincial Superior agreed to form an on-going group of educators to reflect and assist in this area.

Two points need to be emphasized:

Education is a tradition in the history of the Province. Seven years after their arrival the SCJs undertook the responsibility for the Diocesan College of Olinda at request of the local Bishop.

The schools serve the poor people in the suburbs.

The Dehonian Family of South America will meet in BS (22-23 May). This is the third meeting of this kind. 25 people are expected to participate. Fr. Wardjito (CU) is also expected to attend. The following themes are scheduled for the meeting:

A greater missionary presence of BS in Uruguay

The North Brazil Province has one of its members working in Uruguay. Next November Fr. Luis Thews will augment this missionary presence. The parish he is currently serving is celebrating a missionary year. One of the consequences of this will be the departure of Fr. Luis for Uruguay.

Translation provided by Odilo Leviski (BM)

Dehon Photo of the Week

Stefan Tertünte (GE) has agreed to write a brief commentary for the Dehon photos we are featuring each week. In addition he has taken on the task of choosing which picture to post. This week his selection is the baptismal church of Fr. Dehon. The photo and commentary in various languages, including German, can be found at Baptismal Church.