February 13, 1999

What's New

Through the auspices of the Secretary General of the Apostleship of Prayer a two day program On the Spirituality of the Heart of Christ will be held at Villa Aurellia's conference center on February 15 - 16, 1999.
  • February 15: The Heart of Christ: Icon of the Father's Love by Jean Galot, sj, from the Gregorian University.
  • February 16: The religious community: reflection and realization of the Father's love by Vincenzo Percassi, m.c.c.i. (director of seminary formation for the Comboni Fathers).
Correction to Decree of Establishment: New Structures. Several errors were discovered in the English text of this document. Please insert the following under II. The Superior of the Equivalent Element or part to replace §2. for a Region "Nullius Provinciae", thank you. (The original text was posted on January 23, 1999.)

§2. for a Region "Nullius Provinciae":

1° granting permission to authorize a prolonged absence from the religious house, not to exceed one year (DG 105.1);

2° of new communities, or their canonical establishment according to the norms of law (can. 609 §1);

3° entrance into any agreements with the diocesan bishop for setting up new communities, apostolate centers, or for assuming charge of any parish in the Region;

4° granting permission to alienate property according to can. 638 §3 and for whatever activity that could lead to harm to the Region's patrimony;

5° approval of the annual financial report prepared by the Region treasurer for the administration of temporal goods.

What's Happening

Taubaté! The following pictures were taken at the recently completed course on The Social Doctrine of the Church, held at our SCJ school of theology in Taubaté. We reported on this in the What's Happening section on January 23, 1999.

A note from Fr. Gawel

February 3, 1999

Dear Conferrers,

Upon my return from the hospital I want to thank all of you for your well wishes, your prayers, the letters you wrote me, as well as your phone calls. I am moved by your kindness and support during this difficult situation for me.

Many thanks for your prayers. I address this to my fellow scjs, friends and the lay dehonians who have been near me during my illness.

Now I begin a long and difficult period of convalescence. Here too I count on your prayers and support. During this period Fr. Zbigniew Bogacz [vicar provincial] will handle province affairs. I kindly ask that you direct all matters to him.

I wish you all good health and much joy in your labors for the Sacred Heart. Again I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness you have shown me. Be assured that my sufferings are offered for our province.

In the Heart of Jesus,
p. Jozef Gawel, scj