March 13, 1999

What's New 

There were some technical problems in posting the Fourth Quarter Statistics. This has been resolved and it has been posted to the Letters & Documents section.

A local TV station in Milwaukee posted the following article to their website that may be of interest to those working in vocation ministry: Unusual method attracts men to the priesthood recounting a program now in use in the Milwaukee Archdiocese. It is available only in English. The url is: Since the article may no longer be online a copy can be found at: Vocations

What's Happening

The three North American councils representing US, CA and CGA met last week in preparation for the North American Common Assembly planned for the week of August 16, 1999.

The British-Irish Province (BH) will be sending Paul Murphy, pastor of St. Joseph's Church in Malpas, and John Kelly, associate at St. John Vianney in Dublin, to the Lavras Vocation Conference (August 1-20, 1999). A listing of participants was recently posted to the Vocation page. Those provinces, regions and territorial communities who have not responded are encourage to do so as soon as possible.

New BH Provincial Council

Please note, although the general administration has approved the establishment of districts, since none have been created as of yet we are still using the term "territorial community" until such time as district communities are created.

The General Treasurer, Emilio Ciarrocchi (CU) along with Claudio Seibenaler (CU) and the provincial treasurer from Germany, Heinrich Westendorf (GE), are on a visit to the scj communities in India and the Philippines.

Wardjito (CU) returned to Rome from a recent visit to the British-Irish Province. He visited members of the Dehonian Family in England, Ireland and Scotland.

Fr. General and Umberto Chiarello (CU), will begin the visitation to the South Italian Province this week.

Osnildo Klann (BM) has arrived in Rome to take up his duties as director of the on-going formation program. He will continue working on the development of the three month language based on-going formation programs slated to begin next spring. In addition he is currently working on the May formation directors meeting to be held at the Generalate.

Those planning on participating in the June-July On-going Formation Program in Poland are encouraged to register now, if they have not done so. Registrations can be sent to the Polish Provincilate. There email address is: