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18 December 1999

What's New?

At the suggestion of the Province Secretariat for Vocations, Gianni Piazzalunga (IS), a member of the Casa Sacro Coure SCJ Community in Trento, wrote to inform us that a new web site aimed at youth during the Jubilee Year 2000 has been established. While it is geared especially toward the youth of Italy, it may also be of interest to young scjs and young people from around the world. It will be put on our links page using its title: Giubileo Giovani 2000. It can be found at: . The site is still a 'work in progress'. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Andrew Kersting, webmaster for the Provincial Development Office in Hales Corners wrote to inform us that they now have a web site at: . It will be added to our links page. Of course your comments and suggestions are most welcome. You may send them to Mr. Kersting at .

With the Christmas and New Year's Holiday each falling on a Saturday your editor has decided to suspend publication for the next two weeks. Should news of importance develop we will endeavor to bring it to you. However with all the work that the site requires, especially from our translators and webmaster, we thought it best to take this two week break. We will return January 8, 2000. This will also afford your editor and webmaster time to do some much needed maintenance on our website. However, please be sure to visit our Chritmas and New Year's greeting which will be posted on December 24th.

What's Happening

At the recent fall convocation of PCN (Peace Communications Network) Fr. Nazareno Taddei, sj, spoke on the topic God after the Internet. You can link to the notes from his talk as published by PCN. Fr. Taddei is the first priest-author of RAI-TV transmissions, producer and university professor, today involved in a service of "preaching" on the Internet, author of numerous books and essays in various languages; the subject of his CONFERENCE was: God after the Internet .

Editor's Note: PCN is the Internet consortium of which we are one of the founding communities. It is our Internet Service Provider and on whose server our website resides.

In conjunction with Fr. Taddei's presentation, it is interesting to note that the Jesuits have published a website, Jesuit Individuals' Home Pages, listing the home pages created by Jesuits from around the world. This can be found at:


Valdeijâino de Souz Mélo (BS) who will be ordained on December 22, 1999 by Bishop Bernardino Marchió of the diocese of Pesqueira (PE), at Matriz do Sagrado Coraçao de Jesus parish in Sanharó, Brazil.

Dehon Photo of the Week

This week Stefan Tertünte reflects on Fr. Dehon's arrival as a young "Seventh Curate" in the town of St. Quentin, a position Fr. Dehon had hardly imagined as his first priestly assignment. "On 3 November, only by the will of God I was sent to St. Quentin... That was absolutely the opposite of all I expected after many years, a life of piety and studies. Fiat!" (Cf. St. Quentin Has a New Curate).

Dehon in Canada and America

In this week's excerpt from Selections from Father Dehon's Diary,Fr. Dehon finish his travels in French Canada wit a visit Quebec City and the famous shrine of Sainte Anne-de-Beaupré (Cf. Quebec City ).

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