News from Rome 
October 23, 1999
What are kingdoms without justice but large bands of robbers?
-- Saint Augustine

Whatís New

Bob Bossie (US) wrote to let us know the Eight Day Center has a new web site address. The change will be made on our links page as well. It can be reached at The Eight Day Center is marking itís 25th anniversary this year (Cf. story To be honored). 

Ezio Alessandroni (IM), is responsible for vocation ministry in his province. He informs us they have established a web site at It's a work still in progress and comments and suggestions are welcome. You may contact Ezio by email at This page will be added to our Links section under South Italy. 

We have received Carta às Communidades 11 from Mozambique from Alessandro Capoferri (MZ), provincial secretary. It is available only in Portuguese.

Conelis Jansen (NE), using our "SCJ Registry" on our website, wrote to inform us that St. Jozefklooster, Nigmegen has an email address that can be used to write to anyone in the community. Please make note of it: .

Whatís Happening

From Rome 

On 11 October 1999 the superior general with the deliberative vote of his council nominated Fr. Delio Ruiz as a member of the Argentine - Uruguay provincial council to take the place of Ricardo Pascuale who died on 26 July 1999 in an auto accident. 

General Conference 2000: Osnildo Klann (BM) has been appointed to replace Nestor Eckert (BM) on the preparatory committee for next year's General Conference, to be held in Recife, Brazil on the theme The Economy and the Reign of God. Nestor Eckert had to resign his position on the committee for health reasons. 

Latin American Provincials Meet 

From 11 to 14 October provincial an regional superiors of South America met in Montevideo. Carlos A. da Costa Silva (CU) represented the general Administration in that meeting. 

American Indian Day 

St. Joseph's Indian School in Chamberlain held its annual American Indian Day Celebration and gathering of the Wakanyeja Powwow on September 25, 1999. This was the 23rd year the school has hosted the event. 

The weekend began with a reception at Akta Lakota Museum on Friday, September 24, where a group of students danced for 145 guests. The night was capped off by giving away a Lakota star quilt. 

Saturday morning, students and staff of St. Joe's gave tours of the campus. A luncheon was held for over 100 benefactors of the school before the noon Grand Entry. Mass was held at Our Lady of the Sioux Chapel, which was followed by a traditional Lakota dinner at 5 PM. The second session Grand Entry began at 6 PM. with prizes awarded at the end of the festivities. Over 750 people took part. 

According to Br. David Nagel, director of St. Joe's, the American Indian Days' festivities have grown into an anticipated event for the students, staff and surrounding community. "The celebration of the Native American people through St. Joseph's Children's Powwow is a chance to honor traditions and focus on the future of the community found in the children and youth," he said. "St. Joseph's believes strongly in the need to support young people and develop pride in who they are." 

Fridge Notes
11 October 1999
To be honored 

By way of a survey, province members have chosen Sacred Heart Center on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation (Eagle Butte) to be honored at the 25th anniversary celebration of the 8th Day Center for Justice. The Sacred Heart Center combines both elements for of the option for the poor: direct service and systemic change. It provides a shelter for women and children suffering from domestic abuse, long-term group care for female and male adolescents, counseling and a thrift store. Meanwhile, the center does lay legal advocacy and works to strengthen tribal resolutions regarding domestic violence, sexual assault and rape. The shelter is also a member of the South Dakota Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. It employs 31 people (the largest non-governmental employer on the reservation) and its board of directors is chosen from the local community. 

Fr. Yvon Sheehy, SCJ, and Sr. Madeline LeCompte, OSBS, founded the Sacred Heart Center in 1982. Br. Frank Presto, SCJ, is the current director. 

Eighth Dayís anniversary celebration will be held on December 5, 1999, from 2 to 5 PM at Regina Dominican High School in Wilmette, Ill., which is located just off the Edens Expressway (US 94). At the celebration, 8th Day Center will also honor the systemic justice work of its other 29 member congregations. 

Mark your calendar to come and honor one of the important works of our province. For more information, contact Fr. Bob Bossie. 

Also taken from Fridge Notes
11 October 1999

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+Br. Josef Arnold Klarowski (GE)

Born: 28.08.11 
First Profession: 19.03.30 
Died 14.10.99 at Krefeld

Quinto Portraits

We present the eighth in our series of Quinto portraits. Quinto Regazzoni (AU) is a well known scj design artist working in Montevideo, Uruguay. He is currently completing a three month ESL (English as a Second Language) program at Sacred Heart Monastery/Sacred Heart School of Theology in Hales Corners, WI. He was kind enough to share his cartoon drawings of teachers and fellow students. This week we present a self portrait of our artist (Cf. Quinto).

Dehon Photo of the Week

This week Stefan Tertünte for his presentations on the Dehon Photo Album has selected a photo of Fr. Dehon during his Roman seminary days. His commentary focuses on Dehon's joy at being a student in Rome and his life long love affair for Rome (CF. Leo Dehon the Roman Seminarian).

Dehon in Canada and America

Paul J. McGuire (US) was kind enough to offer our website an electronic (computer) copy of his recent work In Canada and America: Selections from Father Dehon's Diary. This week Fr. Dehon journeys from Washington DC south to Georgia, visiting New Orleans.