September 25, 1999

What's New

Rome, i.e., the International College big farewell this week to Luiz Carlos Berri (BM) who is returning to Brazil. His departure gave rise to the idea of doing this short photo essay on the changes going on in Rome. For those familiar with the city, much is changing as Rome prepares for the millennium and an estimated 30 million visitors for the year 2000 (CF. Rome's New Look).

What's Happening

Treasurers of South America met in Brusque.

The treasurers of the provinces and regions of South America met in Brusque (RBM) from 18 to 24 September together with Emilio Chiarrocchi (CU) and members of the General Commission for Economic Affairs. The meeting was attended by the treasurers from AU, CH, RBM, BM, MAR, BS, and VEN.

BH Dehonian Conference: "Moving Forward in Hope?"

Dehonian laity from the British Irish Province have recently enjoyed being together for their annual assembly. Joined by SCJ priests and brothers we based the weekend on the idea of "The Dehonian Family."

The program was very varied, reflecting the variety of backgrounds and talents amongst us. We listened to two very different personal stories from a married man and an SCJ brother. We played a game led by the Youth Team from Dehon House. This was designed to get us thinking and talking on a variety of issues from family holidays to world poverty. Fr Michael Walshe, recently appointed as Provincial, addressed the assembly for the first time, inspiring and encouraging us with his vision of Dehonian Spirituality and it's relevance today. We also worked together to prepare a "Dehonian Profile" report for the General Council in Rome.

And we still had time to chat to each other, to entertain each other with music, poems and drama and, of course, to pray together. It was a real "family" weekend, busy and lively but informative and entertaining too.

by Marian Thompson
lay dehonian BH
Here Jamie Eduardo Sanchez-Hernandez (CH) stands next to his presentation of his native Chile during ESL International Day. Twelve different countries and their cultures were on display: Brazil, Spain, Colombia, Poland, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Argentina and Uruguay, Chile, Cameroon, Indonesia and Poland.

ESL Caps Summer Program with International Day at SHST

September 9-10, the ESL (English as a Second Language) program at Sacred Heart School of Theology hosted its annual Cultural Fair. Featured are the foods, drink, music and art of the countries represented by the students in the program, as well as photos and historical information. Among the countries represented this year: Indonesia, Spain, Poland, Congo, Mozambique, Argentina, Cameroon, Brazil and Chile. Of course, Fr. Paul Grizzelle-Reid, SCJ liaison to the ESL program, served up treats from his native Jamaica as well.

Allegra Troiano is director of ESL. Jean Garrity Hoefl joins the program this year as a new instructor. Included among the program's alumni are several members of the General Curia, including Fr. Virginio Bressanelli, Fr. Ryszard Mis and Fr. Umberto Chiarello. Fr. Adam Musialek, South African provincial; Fr. Wieslaw Swiech, regional superior of Finland; and Fr. Sebastian Pitz, first novice master for India, are also among the many ESL alumni.

provided by Mary Gorski
US Province Communications Office


Saturday, September 11th, our Brother Emidio Godoy Infante of the Region of Venezuela made his perpetual profession of vows. In the scj parish of San Miguel Arcángel, Caracas.

Also on September 26 in the Seminary Nossa Senhora de Fátima, in Alfragide, Lisbon to the following who take their final vows :

In Vitorchiano on September 29 the following in the South Italian Province (IM) will make their first profession of vows: On September 25 at the parish of San José in Salamanca, Spain the following members of the Spanish Province will be ordained to the priesthood: Javier had been responsible for the Spanish page of this website and helped recruit the scjs in Venezuela to assist in that area.

On September 26th, Carlos Enrique Caamaño (VEN) will be ordained to the priesthood, also in the parish of San Miguel Arcángel, Caracas.

André Perroux (EF) celebrates 50 years of Religious Life

André Perroux

André Perroux was born on 31 August 1931 in Chambéry, France. He made his first profession on 29 September 1949 at Amiens, and was ordained on 7 July 1957 at Lyon.

After his ordination he continued his studies in the School of Theology at Lyon and became teacher of theology at the SCJ School of Theology in the same town. When that institution was closed he undertook several pastoral activities.

He was provincial counselor from 1972 to 1979 when he was elected at the General Chapter as first general Counselor and vicar-superior general. He was reelected in 1985. He left the general administration in 1991. After that he returned to France in the service of vocations.

After about a year in France he returned to Rome to join the staff of Centro Studi. In 1993 he was appointed member of the Commission on Spirituality and the Apostolate. That commission was dissolved at the 1997 General Chapter.

He took part in four general chapters some of them he helped to prepare. As an expert on the life and writings of Fr. Dehon, Fr. Perroux has written many articles in Dehoniana about Fr. Dehon and SCJ spirituality. He continues this kind of study, and is also reading and interpreting the handwritten letters by the Founder in addition to other types of researches. He still receives many requests for retreats and talks from around the congregation, especially in ongoing formation programs. He was responsible for lay dehonian coordination at the general level for a time.

Recently Fr. Perroux was permitted to do research at the Vatican about our Founder and the affair of the suppression of the Oblates of the Sacred Heart in the files of the Congregation for Defense of Faith (formerly called the Holy Office).

The General Administration, in the name of the entire congregation, thanks Fr. Perroux for all his great service to the congregation over the years.

Provided by the Secretary General Office
in cooperation with the Franco European Province.

Quinto Portraits

We present the third in our series of Quinto portraits. Quinto Regazzoni (AU) is a well known scj design artist working in Montevideo, Uruguay. He is currently completing a three month ESL (English as a Second Language) program at Sacred Heart Monastery/Sacred Heart School of Theology in Hales Corners, WI. He was kind enough to share his cartoon drawings of teachers and fellow students. This week we present one of Cesar Augusto Artuso, a diocesan priest from Brazil.

Dehon Photo of the Week

This week Stefan Tertünte for his presentations on the Dehon Photo Album has selected a photo of Fr. Dehon at age 16. His commentary reflects on the conflict that arose between him and his parents as he announces his desire to become a priest: Dehon at 16 - The great conflict

Dehon in Canada and America

Paul J. McGuire (US) was kind enough to offer our website an electronic (computer) copy of his recent work In Canada and America: Selections from Father Dehon's Diary. This week Fr. Dehon journeys to Philadelphia.