September 04, 1999

What's New

This week we have three articles for posting to the General Conference section:
submitted by Carlos Alberto da Costa Silva (CU)

The St. Joseph Indian School website now features weekly news updates. Of special interest during the month of September are the preparations for the annual American Indian Day activities, including a children's Pow Wow. The URL can be found on our links page or you may go directly to it here:

Ryszard Mis (CU) has put together a chronology of events in The Democratic Republic of the Congo covering the period of July 12, 1999 to August 16, 1999. It is available in French (Cf. Comuniniqué sur la situation au Congo [RDC]).

What's Happening

Quang A Nguyen (US) was kind enough to offer his personal reflections of the La Capelle 1999 Final Vow Program. In preparation for his own final vows, Quang also participated in an inter community final vows programs in the United States. On August 15, 1999 at Sacred Heart Monastery/School of Theology Chapel in the presence of family, friends and fellow scjs Quang made his perpetual profession as an SCJ.

"Thanks to the American province, I was given the wonderful opportunity to go to India in May to work with the students in the seminary in Aluva, Kerala. Armed with a suitcase of clothes and another of teaching materials and books, I headed out on May 5th." So begins Allegra Troiano's account of her spring visit to India which she was kind enough to write for our website (CF ESL (English as a Second Language) in India).

Quinto Portraits

Quinto Regazzoni (AU) is a well known scj design artists working in Montevideo, Uruguay. He is currently completing a three month ESL (English as a Second Language) program at Sacred Heart Monastery/Sacred Heart School of Theology in Hales Corners, WI. He was kind enough to share his cartoon drawings of teachers and fellow students. We will feature the series over the next 14 weeks. This week we present Allegra, well known instructor, who authors this week's article on India.


To the following scjs who will be celebrating profession and ordination anniversaries during the month of September

Religious profession

65 years: 01/09/34 P Simcox Francis Thomas A. US - 08/09/34 F Heynsbroek Antonius T. J. NE P Kolk Adrianus H. A. NE P Schouten Petrus T. M. L. NE - 29/09/34 P Favero Angelo Giovanni LU P Haegeli Maurice George GA

60 years: 08/09/39 P Mensink Theodor J. M. GE P Jansen Pieter J. P. NE P van Vlerken Leonardus J. J. NE P Kessels Piet FL F Huybers Joannes A. Canisius NE P Hageman Hendrikus C. J. NE P van Lierde Michel Maurice ZA - 29/09/39 P Corradini Gino Miguel LU P Ferla Andrés HI P Marcato Giacomo Salesio IS P Rondelli Ciro Giuseppe IS P Gasperetti Luigi IS F Carobbio Giuseppe Patrizio IM P Maffeis Ottorino Tommaso MZ P Buhecker Rodolphe Mattheus GA P Castellini Federico IS P Carrara Battista Giovanni IS

50 years: 08/09/49 P Vranken Jan Emil NE P van Leeuwen Reinier W. M. Andreas IN P McInnis John Kevin US P van Dongen Arnold G. Raphaël ZA P de Raaij Jacobus C.M. L. NE P More William Thomas M. CA P Falke Herman B. J. B. CA P Griesemer Edward Maria US P Adam Petrus W.M. J. NE P Cunniffe James Aloysius M. US P Koolen Joannes G. M. J. NE P van Hoorn Cornelis G. M. A. NE F Verbeet Johannes P. NE P Haselbauer Joseph M. US P Casper Arthur Paul M. US P Harnett Patrick John BH - 29/09/49 P Gualtieri Francesco Giovanni IM P Gheza Fiorino Saverio IS P Perroux André Pierre GA F López Andoño Jesús Mari HI P Battistel Lino Giuseppe IS P Carrara Giulio Giovanni Bosco LU Lenzi Ferruccio Gabriele IS P Pedrazzi Angelo Luigi IS P Leali Nunzio Giovanni MZ

40 years: 08/09/59 P Haasen Antonius G. C. H. NE P Vernooy Adrian Paul CA P Aarts Joannes G. NE P Mastrobuono Peter US P Westhoven Thomas M. US P Leemrijse Herman J. H. F. CH F Logtens Hermanus M. Jacobus IN P Wanink Joannes B. J. P. NE P Kulinski Bernard Pius PO P Henslok Heribertus Franc. IN F de Freitas Caetano José Salvador LU P Gonçalves da Costa Rafael José LU P Ferreira de Sousa Eduardo Salesio LU P Swoboda Gerard Tarcisius PO P Klima Jerzy Piotr PO - 29/09/59 P Costalunga Natale Francesco S. IS P Gazzotti Giovanni Paolo IS P Menoncin Dino Giovanni M. V. AU F Riva Abbondio Tarcisio M. IS P Jiménez Gómez Demetrio Nicolás HI P Madella Maggiorino Raffaele MZ F Gomes Teixeira Amadeu Domenico LU

25 years: 28/09/74 P Sypko Jan PO P Lukasik Aleksander PO - 29/09/74 P Mela Roberto IS P Carapellese Antonio IM P Asenjo Chocarro Luis María HI P Durello Gervasio AU


60 years: 08/09/39 P Eyaralar Goizueta Daniel José HI - 08/12/39 P Decker Bertholdo Irineu BM

50 years: 1/09/49 P Keijzer Wilhelmus A. J. NE - 11/09/49 P Vogelers Andreas G. M. NE, P Custers Jacobus H.L.L. NE, E Soudant Josephus H. G. NE

25 years: 07/09/74 P Clancy Donald Francis US P Cristiano Antonio Agostino IM

Dehon Photo of the Week

Stefan Tertünte has been in the hospital the last few weeks making it impossible for him to continue his work on Dehon photos. It is unclear at this time when we will be able to resume this series.

Dehon in Canada and America

Paul J. McGuire (US) was kind enough to offer our website an eletronic (computer) copy of his recent work In Canada and America: Selections from Father Dehon's Diary. Over the coming weeks the text (In English) will be published on site. For those with access to the French text, take note of the following from the Introduction to the text:

The account of Father Dehon's trip around the world fills the entire fourth volume of the Notes Quotidiennes published by the Study Center in Rome. It covers 1,533 hand-written pages in his Diary. The Canadian and American portion of the trip is found in NQ XXV, 51 -- NQ XXVIII, 1, for a total of 504 hand-written Diary pages. Most of this material has been translated below, with two notable exceptions. First, at the Eucharistic Congress in Montreal he took extensive notes on all the speeches and sermons that he heard. These notes [NQ XXVI, 53 -- 185] do not contain any personal reflections by Father Dehon, but are presented as direct quotations from the speakers without further commentary. They have not been included in this translation. The other deleted passages [NQ XXVII, 106 -- 182] come at the conclusion of the American portion of his journey. After offering his own observations on American customs and society, he quotes from several books about the United States that he had read in preparation for the trip. These, likewise, have not been included.

This week we present The Introduction