August 7, 1999

What's New

The South African Province has published a listing of new telephone numbers. Please make note of them (Cf. New phone numbers in AM Province).

The US Provincial Office has a new email address: Please make note of the change. It can also be found on our Links page.

We present the fifteenth, and last, in our series of Dehon cartoons by Javier Prate, a collaborator on several SCJ publications in Spain. The images are displayed in the church of Saint Martin, Saint Quentin (GA). They are aimed at young people, but can be appreciated by all generations. They depict different scenes in Fr. Dehon's life and his spirituality. This week's image is entitled: "Léon Dehon, apôtre des temps modernes".

Editor's Note: The entire collection of 15 cartoons can be accessed at The site maintained by Willacy County Catholic Churches.

Posted to the Justice & Peace page is a report on the work carried out in South Brazil (BM) at St. Jude's Home for Boys in São Paulo.

We have another in our series of reflections on the recently completed SCJ On-going Formation Program. This one is offered by Gian-Franco Massiery (IS). We are grateful for the efforts of Zolile Mpambani (CU) in providing these reflections to our website over the last several weeks.

What's New

Ground breaking in Mississippi

Sacred Heart Southern Missions Housing Corporation recently broke ground in Hernando's West Side Hill to begin the first phase of a revitalization project. This phase should be completed within six months and will include ten houses for first-time home buyers. The ultimate goal of this project will include 20-25 new homes, 12 rental units, a convenience store, community/day care center, and a park to be built over the next ten years.

Taken from Fridge Notes July 26, 1999

Jan Piet (AM) recently celebrated 60 years of ordination. Speaking during the Mass of Thanksgiving he offered his own personal reflection on what the past sixties years have meant to him (Cf. Reflection on 60 years of Priesthood by Jan Piet).

The Second Congregational Vocation Conference began on Monday, August 1, 1999. It is being held at Faz. Senhon Jesus Parish Conference Center in Lavras, Minas Gerais, Brazil. There are about 55 participants and staff in attendance. The conference is being sponsored by the South Basilian Province (BM) in cooperation with the general administration. Thomas Cassidy (CU), who's area of responsibility included vocation ministry, is representing Fr. General and his council.

Please Remember

+Ricardo Maria Pascuale (AU)

born: 01.05.62
first profession. :14.03.83
ordination. :20.8.88
+26.07.99 in Rosario, Argentina

Born in Santa Fé, he grew up in Santiago del Estero, and always kept the stile of living and culture of the peasants. After ordination, Ricardo worked in parish ministry. In Rome he studied Spirituality. Upon his return to Argentina he joined the community of Maciel; home of the SCJ Novitiate for South America, a retreat house and three parishes entrusted to the community. He was responsible for one of those parishes, as well as, bursar for the community. He was a member of the provincial council of the Argentinean-Uruguayan Province.

In his work he was specially committed to social ministry with a special care for people in prison, street children, and provided a soup kitchen for about 60 boys. He is remembered in the community of Rome. as a quiet, wise and active man, who had always time to be present and serve as a brother to the community. [Cf. as well the Obituary prepared by the AU Province: Padre Ricardo Pascuale - Sacerdote Dehoniano.]

provided by Odilo Leviski ( BM)


Editor's Note: Ricardo was to have taken part in the Congregational Vocation Conference now in progress. He was killed in a multiple car collision which occurred in heavy fog.

Dehon Photo of the Week

The Dehon Photo Series by Stefan Tertünte returns with number 10 in the series with a commentary on the relationship between Fr. Dehon and his beloved niece Marthe Marie Louise Dehon.