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11 December 1999

What's New?

Escola Apostólic S. Judas Tadeu (Terra Boa II -BM) would like to inform scjs that they now have an email address: .

Jacinto Jardim (LU) wrote to let us know of a new scj web site in Portugal. It will be posted to our links section. Your comments and suggestions on it are most welcome. The site is for their magazine A Folha dos Valentes (

On 23 November 23, 1999, Carlos Alberto da Costa Silva (CU) attended a forum sponsored by JPIC (Justice and Peace and the Integrity of Creation) Commission USG/UISG and AEFJN, featuring a talk by Michael A. Blume, SVD of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People Vatican City. Fr. Blume's presentation Hidden Displacement: Child Soldiers, is available in English and French. It is a topic we do not often hear about, but certainly is one with world wide dimensions, and exits in places where scjs live and work. The article will also be posted to the Justice & Peace section of our web site.

We wish to thank all those who have taken time to comment on the 'new look' of our website. We apologize for the technological glitches. This new look may require the updating of older web browsers. A reminder that both Netscape and Explorer are offered for free, and can be downloaded over the Internet. Our favorite comment came from Irene McGregor, well know among Canadian scjs, for both her kind words, and thoughts on the Internet's possible impact on vocations:

I have just finished looking at the new SCJ web page, in fact this is not the first time. I just wanted to tell you how great it looks. Please pass this along to the others involved in its production. To be able to have contact with persons all over the world is a wonderful thing... we are not alone anymore. I travel all over the world from my little room here in West Lorne and find it a wonderful consolation for one in my situation, it fulfills the urge to seek out new places and new people. All I can simply say, keep up the good work.

I know without prayers vocations will be lost but I also think that curiosity to seek more information about the order will come through your web sites. It will be interesting to know what influence it will have in the years to come. Wishing you on a personal note, the warmest of Christmas greetings. I shall especially think of you and your kindness to Father Ko* at the Christmas Mass.

God Bless
Irene McGregor

*+Fr. James De Jonge (CA)

What's Happening?

Suor Paziente
Many scjs who studied at our International College or worked in the General Curia will remember Sister Paziente. She worked at our house in Rome for forty years, from the Fall of 1953 to June of 1993 when the last sisters (Paziente, Doralice and Celsa) were transferred to their mother house in Bergamo. After a couple of years Sister Paziente was transferred to Torre Pedrera (near Rimini) to work as a house mother at a children's home run by her community. Despite her age she worked with 40 children each day with enthusiasm.

Last February she was not feeling well but her doctors were not able to come up with an accurate diagnosis. In the Fall she was sent to a Milano hospital for further tests. The doctors discovered cancer in her mouth. She spent about 25 days in the hospital. She is fond of her work as a house mother and hopes to return to it soon. Recently she wrote: "It seems that the radioactive treatments have gone well. I will continue with them. I never imagined that I would get cancer, but there it is. I am feeling fine, my next visit will be December 16th."

If you would like to sent Sister Paziente a card or note you can do so at:

 Before 16 December:

Sr. Paziente Moioli
suore Orsoline
Via Masone 20a
25100 Bergamo

 After the 16 of December

Sr. Paziente Moioli
Scuola Materna "Giuseppe Nolli"
Via Brava 8
47812 Torre Pedrera (Rimini)

provided by Adriano Borst (NE)


In October William van Paassen (NE) offered a half a day work shop on The Kingdom and the Economy for the scj philosophy students at Aluva, Kerala. All together there were 30 scj phioslophy students, plus an additional ten from other seminaries in the area in attendance. Van Paassen reflected on the following themes:

  • How the economic order functions
  • the specific evils of the present economic order
  • Our responsibility as Christians to stand against this evil
  • What is being done in other parts of the world to create a just economic order
In addition he offered several workshops and days of recollection for the local clergy of several dioceses. He also ran several week long retreats for the scjs and their students in India, along with a special two week program for the scj novices.

provided by Tom Garvey (IND)


The Commission on Spirituality of the Argentina - Uruguay Province, on behalf of the SCJs of Latin America have organized a Seminar on the Latin American Inculturation of our Charism, to be held in Buenos Aires, February 3 - 12, 2000. The conference themes are:

  • Solidarity in a Global World
  • The Biblical and Theological Dimensions of Solidarity
  • Solidarity from the Dehonian Perspective
  • A mission of Solidarity (a pastoral aspect of the ACTUAR movement).
The conference organizers include:
  1. Coordinator: Atilio Zorzetti (AU), assisted by Delio Ruiz (AU)
  2. Secretary: Julián Braun (CH)
  3. Moderator: Juan Carlos Cerin (AU)
  4. Animation and Liturgy: Quinto Regazzoni (AU) and Gaetano Testa (AU)


Joselito Siqueira de Araújo was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Geraldo Andrade, scj, (auxiliary Bishop of São Luiz, Maranhão) on Saturday 4 December at Curitiba.

Dehon Photo of the Week

Stefan Tertünte quotes Yves Ledure (A Short Life of Leo Dehon, Malpas 1998) in his commentary this week on the city of St. Quentin where Leo John Dehon began his work as a priest: It is really astonishing that the young curate who arrived from Rome with the intellectual baggage that we know about, would take straight away to this town where everything was so unfamiliar to him (Cf. St. Quentin).

Dehon in Canada and America

In this week's excerpt from Selections from Father Dehon's Diary, before Fr. Dehon travels to Quebec City he takes some time out to reflect on life in French Canada in the early days of the 20th Century (Cf. Reflections).

Evolution of Madonna Sculpture (1991) ©
From Spirit and Life in Sculpture
Herman Falke, scj