July 24, 1999

What's New

Zeferino Policarpo (LU) informs us that the Portuguese Province has a new web site operated by the community at the Instituto Missionário Sagrado Coração, Coimbr. Their URL address will be added to the links section (CF.

John Klinger (US) has spent the last six months in South Africa. He recently completed an article for a future issue of SCJ News, but was kind enough to send along a copy for use on our web news page (Cf. John Klingler, SCJ, writes from South Africa).

We present the thirtieth in our series of Dehon cartoons by Javier Prate, a collaborator on several SCJ publications in Spain. The images are displayed in the church of Saint Martin, Saint Quentin (GA). They are aimed at young people, but can be appreciated by all generations. They depict different scenes in Fr. Dehon's life and his spirituality. This week's image is entitled:  "Leo Dehon attracts many lay coworkers".

We have another reflection on the International SCJ Ongoing Formation Program from Poland. This one is offered by Stan Roosman (IN). It was written on July 7, 1999. The program moved from its original base in Warsaw to the SCJ school of Theology at Stadniki (CF. Reflection on the Ongoing Formation Course).

Editor's Note: Though connecting to the Internet takes a bit of doing while in the region of Maranhão, thanks to the cooperation of Celson Altenhofen, regional superior, and João Luiz Uzan Malnalcich, rector of the House of Philosophy and Arnaldo Menezes dos Passos, rector of the Center for Vocations we are able to present the news to you both this week and next before the start of the Lavras Vocation Conference.

What's Happening

SCJ Bishops Meet in S. Paulo

From July 26 to 30, 1999, the Portuguese and Spanish speaking SCJ Bishops will meet in São Paulo. This is the first time such a meeting is taking place in the congregation. In addition to sharing information on their ministry, the bishops intend to draw up guidelines on how an SCJ Bishop can live our Dehonian Spirituality (Charisma) in his ministry. Fr. Carlos Alberto da Costa Silva will participate in the name of the General Administration. The following bishops are expected to attend:

Mgr. Marcello Palentini (Jujuy-RA), Mgr. Eusébio O. Scheid (Florianóplis-BR), Mgr. Murilo S. R. Krieger (Maringá -BR), Mgr. Nelson Westrupp (S. José dos Campos-BR), Mgr. Aloísio R. Oppermann (Uberaba-BR), Mgr. Carmo Rhoden (Taubaté-BR), Mgr. Vital Chitolina (Paranating-BR), Mgr. Geraldo D. de Andrade (S. Luis-BR), Mgr. Antonio S. Braga (Angra do Heroismo-Pt) and Mgr. Tomé Makhwéliha (Pemba-MZ).

Average Age in the Provinces

The secretary general's office sent along the following list which indicates the average age of each Province in the congregation. We've included in the third column names of the provinces for those less familiar with the abbreviations used by the congregation (Cf.. Average Age in the Congregation).

Dehon Photo of the Week

Stefan Tertünte's stay in Albania has been extended until the end of July. Therefore we will suspend posting photo's from our Dehon collection for a few more weeks. Look for them to return in August. (Note, we have word that Stefan has returned to Rome and hope to resume our series shortly.)