June 26, 1999

What's New

Thanks to the efforts of Piet Adam (NE) in Rome we have a translation of a recent article by Frans van der Hoff (NE) on his life and labors in Mexico. Many will remember Frans from the '91 general chapter. He has labored for a number of years among the Indians of Mexico helping them in marketing their coffee produce.

Please make note of the new email address for the novitiate in Argentina (AU): The novitiate serves the Spanish speaking provinces of Latin America.

Bob Bossie (US) from the 8th Day Center in Chicago has forwarded an article reflecting on the War in Kosovo produced by The Wisdom Fund and released on June 6, 1999 (Cf. Winning and Losing in Yugoslavia).

Please note as well: The 8th Day Center sends out weekly e-mail bulletins to which you can subscribe by sending an e-mail to us at stating that you want to be added to the list. In the subject line, place "attention bulletin"

We present the ninth in our series of Dehon cartoons by Javier Prate, a collaborator on several SCJ publications in Spain. The images are displayed in the church of Saint Martin, Saint Quentin (GA). They are aimed at young people, but can be appreciated by all generations. They depict different scenes in Fr. Dehon's life and his spirituality. this week's image is entitled: "Spiritualité dehonienne: L'Eucharistie, table pour la libération".

Jack Kurps (US) has redesigned the North American SCJ website ( He has also begun to include reflections on the liturgy for the week by Charles Yost (US). The are available in English only and can be accessed directly using the url:

What's Happening

The Ongoing Formation program (offered in Italian) starts in Poland on June 27 and will end on July 23. The program's themes are: 1. God, the Father; 2. Jesus Christ, yesterday, today and tomorrow; 3. SCJ spirituality; 4. The SCJs in the service of Reconciliation; 5. SCJ commitment in the evangelization of Eastern Europe; 6. Social challenge and SCJ Charism.

The program will be centered mainly in Warsaw with visits to Stadniki and Biello Russia planned.

A big surprise for those who love sanctuaries [shrines], and in particular for those who love the scj sanctuary of Boccadirio in the city of Castiglione die Pepoli (Bologna), it is now possible to visit it digitally on the Internet at "".

The surprise is that one is able to see and to know a true jewel of art that has been entrusted to our North Italian Province in order to welcome pilgrims who, on occasion of the Jubilee year 2000, will be especially numerous. On the Internet website one can choose from the history of the sanctuary, its location, the history of the apparition and other useful information for those planning a visit, including places to stay.

Boccadirio is well adapted for meditation, prayer and gatherings, as it is located in the Apennine forests. The shrine promotes religious music offering recitals during the summer months in an ongoing three year cycle. The shrine is also assisting pilgrims preparing for the new millennium.

The initiative is called Il Canto e l'Incanto and is a joint effort of the shrine, the local city administration and the Arturo Toscanini di Parma Foundation. Last year the celebration closed with a three day celebration recounting the apparition (among the participants was our own Fr. General). On July 18 (1998) Cardinal Biffi, archbishop of Bologna, presided at the celebration and that evening the Parma Symphony Orchestra of performed The Coronation Mass by Mozart, as well as selections from Beethoven, Hyden and Verdi.

This year's schedule included:

July 16: The Solemnity of the Apparition of Our Lady of Grace of Boccadirio. The 11:30 liturgy will be celebrated by Bishop Simone Scatizzi, bishop of Pistoia.

July 23: At 21:00 the Petite Messe Solemnelle di G. Rossini (1720 - 1868) will be performed by the Emilia Romagna Arturo Toscanini Symphony Orchestra

July 24 At 17:00 Cardinal Silvano Piovanelli, archbishop of Florence, will preside at the concluding liturgy, including the choir of Borgo S. Lorenzo.

P. Paolo Gazzotti
Editor's Note: Paolo Gazzotti has also provided a listing of URL addresses pertaining to the shrine. They were located using the Italian search engine Arianna (il motore di ricerca italiano). The listings can be linked by connecting to Santuario di Boccadirio

Dehon Photo of the Week

With Stefan Tertünte in Albania for several more weeks, we will suspend posting photo's from our Dehon collection until his return. Look for the next posting about mid-July.