We, the Congregation

20th General Chapter
Priests of the Sacred Heart
14 May - 6 June, 1997

General's opening speech


Welcome to our homepage for the 20th SC J General Chapter. We hope during the next few weeks to provide you with updated chapter information just as soon as it is available using the services of our English and Italian journalist.

Unfortunately, due to the work load at the chapter, it will not be possible to translate their work into other languages. However, to compensate for this we are providing a 'delegates' forum in which chapter members , to the extent that storage space is available on the server, will be invited to give their observations in various languages. In that way we can provide, on a limited basis, information to a much wider audience.

We encourage SCJs who access our homepage to share this information with fellow SCJs in their province or region. We welcome our visitors and guests from outside the dehonian family.

Your comments, especially from SCJs, on our efforts will be appreciated. At present, this homepage is scheduled to be taken down one week after the conclusion of our General Chapter. Creating and maintaining a homepage, especially in at least three languages, is not a simple task. Nevertheless, if these efforts prove fruitful the general administration will evaluate using the"world wide web" as a means of providing information in a timely fashion to as many SCJs as possible.

As we begin our chapter work we ask all SCJs to keep our chapter in your prayers for it is an important moment in the life of the congregation, especially as we consider the theme "A Strategy for the Global Mission" which we've captured in our slogan: "We, the Congregation."

P.Virginio D. Bressanelli, scj
General Superior