July 17 1999

What's New

In preparation for next year's general conference, this week we have three articles: the main one is written in Italian by Fr. Dalla Zuanna, former J&P General Director, "Economia de Mercato" e "il Regno di Dio nelle anime e nella società", the title gives you its dehonian flavor; the two others are the last part of the work of Prof. Albert Hari from Strasbourg, in French: "L'Argent - Maître du Monde?," and the last part of the Dosier-ACLI, by Maria Teresa Pecchini, "Un nuovo stile di vita", in Italian, who speaks about the new way of life in front of the market economy.

In the newspaper section of Vidimus Dominum for July 17, 1999, there is an article of interest to those preparing for next year's General Conference: - GLOBALIZATION: A JESUIT EXPERT , COUNTERBALANCE IT WITH SOLIDARITY. Gianpaolo Salvini, an expert, in economics and director of "Civiltà Cattolica" comments about the 1999 UN Report on Human Development 1999 which was published today, and dedicated to the globalization (Cf.

Editor's Note: Vidimus Dominum is a website maintained by USG (Union of Superiors General).

We present the twelfth in our series of Dehon cartoons by Javier Prate, a collaborator on several SCJ publications in Spain. The images are displayed in the church of Saint Martin, Saint Quentin (GA). They are aimed at young people, but can be appreciated by all generations. They depict different scenes in Fr. Dehon's life and his spirituality. this week's image is entitled: "Incarnation, mystère d'Amour".

Editor's Note: Your editor will be in Brazil for a month. While we plan on continuing the weekly news updates, please be patient as connections to the Internet may take some planning.

What's Happening

Ongoing Formation Course a Saviori (June 28 to July 3, 1999)

It is a tradition that every seven years the members of the North Italian Province spend the first week in July at Saviorie dell'Adamello (Brescia) to participate in an ongoing formation week.

The Sacred Heart Villa, is a perfect location surrounded by lush green pines and circled by high mountains, particularly the massive peak, Adamello. Located in the Camonica Valley it is also home to p. Antonio Panteghini, former superior general, as well as the ancestral home of our current superior general, p. Virginio Bressanelli from Argentina.

Last year's course reflected on the Reign of God in its diverse biblical and theological aspects. This year considers the pastoral and social dimensions, with special attention being paid to our dehonian charism.

About 30 participated in this year's program which included presentations by:

The experience proved useful to all the participants.
provided by Paolo Gazzotti (IS)
Saviorie dell'Adamello (Brescia)

Congratulations to Valdeijanio de Melo from the North Brazilian Province (BS) who was ordained a deacon on June 30, 1999. He is expected to be ordained a priest in December of this year.

Ongoing Formation Program in Poland

Zolile Mpambani (CU) was kind enough to send along another report from Poland from the ongoing formation program. This report was a combined effort between Rino Venturin (PHI) and Stephen Motroni (BH) (Cf. Our Provinces).

IX Provincial Conference in Spain

The Spanish Province held its ninth provincial conference in Salamanca from July 2 - 6, 1999. A report on the conference, along with its special logo can be read by linking to IXª CONFERENCIA PROVINCIAL ESPAÑOLA.

Editor's Note: We would like to thank Rick Dileo's (US) mother for providing us with the English translation of this report.


Please Remember


Born: 07.12.09
First profession. 08.09.30
Ordained: 18.07.37
Died: 04.07.99 at Asten

After his ordination Paul Rijs worked in Brazil for 30 years, first in parishes and later, from 1944 to 1947, he taught Moral Theology and Ethics in the major seminary of Recife. From 1948 to 1954 he taught in the minor seminary. From 1953 to 1968 he was provincial treasurer of the North Brazilian Province.

In 1968 he returned to Liesbosch, in the Netherlands, as an assistant to the treasurer. He transferred to Asten in 1970 where he remained until 1974, when he went to Sittard to direct the local printing operations. He was the last superior of Sittard, until it closed in 1981. His community was then Nijmegen until 1983 and finally Asten, where he took care of the stamp collection of the Dutch province. We will miss Paul Rijs, dearly.

translation from the Dutch provided by Piet Adam (NE)

Dehon Photo of the Week

Stefan Tertünte's stay in Albania has been extended until the end of July. Therefore we will suspend posting photo's from our Dehon collection for a few more weeks. Look for them to return in August.